Bunny Trail Guest House is a Queen Anne Victorian reproduction home, built in 1993 from plans created in the 1800s.

The Bunny Trail Guest House began as the Bunny Trail Preschool. The preschool was established in 1986 and after 26 years of quality preschool programming, and serving over 300 children and families we sadly closed.

After extensive renovation the Bunny Trail Guest House was born out of that facility. We are very happy to say that all of the Bunny Trail equipment, supplies, and resources were donated to other early childhood programs or recycled as part of our renovations.

Touches of former early childhood influences are evident throughout the Guest House. The very first finger-painting that was created by the first two children enrolled is framed and displayed.

The quilt handmade by a past Bunny Trail preschool parent to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 1996.

Bunny clock; a handmade gift from a past parent.

The wooden cubbies that held the children’s coats were taken apart and made into shelves.

The loft was taken apart and the wood was used in our renovation process.

Of course, throughout the rooms you will see the never ending bunnies everywhere…